GreenLab Finland Oy

Customer-specific aluminium profiles made to order

In addition to the complete GreenLab system, we manufacture customer-specific aluminium profiles made to order. If the type of profile required cannot be found among GreenLab products, we will help you with the design, provide you with a mold drawing and give you a quotation on the needed profile in no time. We can offer you any desired aluminium profile for any industrial branch needed. They can be anodized or painted with different gloss levels. We deliver the profiles ready-packed or we can store them as agreed. We deliver even small quantities cost-effectively. Once we know the profile size and weight, we quote you the minimum delivery quantity. When the profile weight is below 3kg/m, the minimum quantity is approximately 600 meters, and when it weighs no less than 6kg/m, the minimum quantity is 120-300 meters. Contact us and let us design together the exact profile you need. Come visit us and learn about our new profile outlet!

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