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GreenLab Finland has previously offered customized, modular and energy-efficient automation solutions mostly for the solar energy industry. Now we are renewing and expanding our business. We are introducing a new, high-quality and cost-effective GreenLab aluminium profile and linear system. We serve our customers in all industrial sectors. During the summer of 2020, we have renovated our facilities and renewed our production equipment and processes to better and faster serve our customers. You are most welcome to come visit us!

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We offer GreenLab aluminium profile and linear system products, mechanical constructions built of the system components and industrial automation solutions that simplify and shorten manufacturing processes. We design and build solutions according to your exact needs.

GreenLab system is the newest and most affordable system on the market. It is compatible with many other profile and linear systems which makes it easy to switch from another system to GreenLab. The applications of this versatile system are endless. GreenLab makes machine building easy and fast.

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Profit From the Outstanding Features of the GreenLab System!

  • The newest and most affordable system on the market
  • Compatible with many other profile and linear systems
  • Products direct from the manufacturer - no intermediaries
  • Massive stock, fast deliveries
  • High-quality and durable

Cost-Effective Machine Building and Excellent Customer Service

We provide you with excellent service and guidance for the efficient implementation of the GreenLab system. Our experts have over 25 years of experience in machine building and a vast network of partners offering you the best benefits and solutions.

All our GreenLab components are stored and solutions are built in Salo, Finland. Most products in our catalogue can be delivered directly from the stock without delay. Even large component orders are processed and shipped fast without compromising quality. We provide our customers and partners added value through cost-effective and innovative industrial automation.

Technical know-how from 
25 years
1000 pcs
Size of our aluminium profile storage over
120 000 kg
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