GreenLab Finland Oy

Cutting, machining and assembly service

We cut aluminium profiles, ball screws and linear rails according to our customers’ needs and do the necessary drillings, threads and machining. We mount linear rails and blocks, and assemble aluminium profile solutions. We also cut timing belts and joint them to a desired length.

Our processing tools and machines are of high quality, and our machining services are fast and precise. All products of the aluminium profile and linear system are stored and machined in Salo. A wide selection of stock items enables short delivery times.

Technical support and design service

We provide you with our expertise and know-how to find the best solutions for you. We give you technical advice and support, help with product development and consultation on machine design and building. Our experts have over 25 years of experience in machine building which ensures you the optimal end result.

Industrial automation

We also design and build mechanical constructions and complete GreenLab industrial automation solutions based on our system components and according to our customers' needs. Applications range from belt-driven and ball screw driven linears to XYZ manipulators, from trolleys to safety guards, from testing equipment, machine frames and conveyors to complex linear and automation systems. Contact us, and let us design the perfect solution for you.

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